Forehead wrinkles are horizontal lines, maybe two or three, appearing on your forehead. It occurs when you raise your eyebrows. It is usually understood as an indicator of our emotions. These lines may be a negative mark on your beauty. Most of them having these wrinkles wish to remove these wrinkles in some way or the other. To remove these wrinkles from your face, we need to understand the cause of these wrinkles. There are numerous causes for these wrinkles.



  • Long-term exposure to the sun.
  • Stress and worries.
  • Dry skin
  • Not following a balanced diet
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Behavioral habits
  • Frequent raising of forehead muscles





We all like to express our emotions through our faces. For expressing, we usually give stress to our forehead. Overstress to the forehead and raising of eyebrows gives you forehead wrinkles. If you have the habit of raising your brows frequently, then try to stop it.



Try to maintain healthy skin. Chances of wrinkles are higher in dry skin than in hydrated skin. Since hydrated skin has a lot of elasticity, the chances of wrinkles may be low. So try to hydrate your skin by drinking a lot of water.



Ultraviolet rays in the sun may cause wrinkles. In order to avoid wrinkles, try to reduce the exposure to the sun. Even if, you have to stay long hours in sun, never forget to apply a sunscreen lotion.



Smoking may be a reason for wrinkles. Avoid smoking and all bad habits.



Eat a healthy diet, which keeps your skin fresh and healthy. Also consume foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids. 



Sleep enough in order to recharge your skin. Always take care that while sleeping, try to sleep on your back. When we sleep by facing pillows, then there are more chances for stretch marks and wrinkles.



Exfoliate your face, twice a week. Since it removes dirt and dead skin from your face, It will reduce the chances of stretch marks and wrinkles.



Studies have proved that exercise can soften your frown lines. Since exercise is a good component of healthy skin, it is also preferred. But always take care that you never give overstress to your forehead and eyebrows, it may increase your frown lines than reduce them.

All these remedies are helpful in preventing and removing wrinkles in the forehead. But the effectiveness of each method depends upon the cause of your wrinkles. First you have to find out and identify the cause of wrinkles and then you could give the correct remedy. For some people these wrinkles are hereditary, then we can't remove it completely but with some remedies we could reduce its sharpness.