Health is the state of being strong like a warrior rather than being in the state of having no diseases. If you are a warrior,there is no need for you to fear anyone. The same case is with health also. If you are healthy enough, that is you are having the power to resist diseases then you are a warrior. You can walk anywhere, can do anything, if you are healthy. Health is not a genetic factor. We could acquire health through our lifestyle and eating habits.

Wellness is the holistic development of a man. It is also acquired. It can be acquired through proper health and a peaceful mind. If we have the ability to control and overcome all the circumstances which affect our life,then we are said to have a physical wellness. There are mainly six dimensions for wellness. They are




Physical wellness is the state of being physically fit. If we are physically fit, then we will be confident enough to say that you acquired wellness. But it is only one among the several dimensions of wellness. This can easily be acquired through daily exercises like walking, running etc. Healthy and balanced diet also helps in acquiring physical wellness. Adequate sleep is also an unavoidable factor for physical wellness.




This is the most crucial thing. If a person lacks emotional wellness, then all he achieved will be lost within a second. Life is a mixture of sorrows and happiness. If we are able to cope up with all bad situations in our life, then we are said to have emotional stability. An emotionally stable person can overcome his emotions as well as show empathy to his near ones.




A man could be intellectually well, if he has a high reading as well as thinking level. He would be aware of everything happening around him. He may be creative as well as may have high ability to solve problems.




It can be said as the knowledge of a person about his own environment and the importance of it. A person with environmental wellness will try to protect his environment realizing that this environment sustains our life. He also makes others aware of the importance of the environment.




This is the most inevitable thing for a man to live in a society. Interpersonal relationships make a person happier. It enables one to live in a society. People having a good societal interaction are found to be happier. It includes interaction with friends circle, relatives etc.




It includes involvement in a religion or searching for the reason for our existence. Spirituality in us enables us to show compassion, forgiveness and sympathy to others.




  • Make exercise as a part of your life routine.
  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Eat food on time
  • Drink enough amount of water
  • Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • Avoid fast foods
  • Try to be active in all activity
  • Don't drink or smoke
  • Avoid tensions and mental stress
  • Take regular check ups
  • Live in a neat and clean surrounding
  • Follow personal hygiene
  • Be happy to everyone