Is makeup an offensive one? Society always portrays make up as an offensive thing.Why shouldn’t we consider makeup as one's choice? Let's think in a new way. Why did we choose to dress in an updated style? Why did we like to  have an updated lifestyle? It's all for our comfort. We have to prevent ourselves from being outdated. For the same reason we use make-ups to beautify ourselves. We want to hide our deformities from the society in order to get accepted.




We need to become the prettiest on our auspicious day. On her wedding day, the bride will be the focus of attraction. The bride should be the most gorgeous in order to get the mark. So it is a great thing for us to choose the right type of make up.Here we are going to discuss some different types of make-ups.



This makeup makes you look natural. It could cover every imperfection in your face without giving you an over make-up look. This is the makeup used by people which we see appearing in televisions and films. It completely eliminates all the pores,scratches and dark marks of your face.This make up always has a natural touch.



This is a unique make up in which no brushes and sponges are used for its application. An air compressor or air gun is used to spray the make up into your face.The makeup is very good for people having extremely sensitive skins. As,this make up didn't make use of any external contact with your skin. It is also waterproof and lasts for long hours.This make up also gives you a natural finish



This makeup suits people having all skin types and it can be used in any time of the day as well as any occasions. This makeup allows you to use bold and a variety of  hues without giving you a flawless look. It also lasts for long and gives you a natural look.



This is one of the types of popular make up which use comparatively fewer chemicals. People having a highly sensitive skin and skin problems are highly recommended using this makeup. Dermatologists also prefer this make up for people with skin diseases. Even Though they use chemical free makeup products, it gives you the same look just like other make-ups.



This gives you a shining and shimmering look. This can be used for your face ,neck and shoulder part to highlight your features. This make up uses extra glitters for a shining look.It makes you the center of attraction of the function with its extra sparkle and shine.



This makeup is used to give you a stunning and sexy look.It mainly focuses on your eyes and lips. Smokey makeup is provided to your eyes and dark color to your lips. Lip color is decided by the time of the day. It also uses long fake eyelashes to highlight your eyes.



  • Always think that make-ups are made of chemical things. So you need to take special care before choosing your makeup. Overuse of makeup causes skin problems. So it is better to limit make up use to some special occasions. 
  • Another thing is never share your personal make-up things with others. This will result in spreading of infections. 
  • Try to use high quality makeup products.It will provide extra care to your skin. 
  • Make sure that the make up product is suitable to your skin by testing it on your hand or any other parts before applying it to your face.
  •  Never ever forget to washout your makeup before you sleep
  • Always check the manufacturing as well as expiry date of the makeup products you use. Expired products may result in giving allergies to your skin
  • Understand your skin type before applying any makeup products. This will help you to choose products which best suits your skin
  • Consult a dermatologist before going to make up ,if you have an extremely sensitive or allergic skin.