There is a common stereotyping mistake that only women should only consider grooming and should be concerned with skincare too. But actually that misconception is gradually fading away fastly. Today's mens are more into optimising their personality and appearance, thanks to involvement of social media it helped to recognise the need of mens grooming into the culture.


Here are some important tips and tricks to improve your personality, lifestyle and easily boost your social media presence more.


1.Be hygienic


The basic idea to improve yourself is to be  hygienic and show some love to your body. It's easy and can be done without any secondary help. Being clean and tidy is the basic thing to boost up your confidence and personality. Being hygienic makes you more appealing 


  • Showering daily
  • Wearing a deodorant after bath
  • Shaving or trimming facial hairs
  • Cutting and cleaning your Nails 

2. Hair styling 


Your hair plays an important role in showing your personality. Most oftenly, women seek out a guys hair as there appealing factor so its importance in grooming is too essential and valuable

You can either prefer to grow them out or maintain them short. The idea is, it should be attractive to your looks. Even if you are growing you should regularly cut them or shape them to make it look less messy.


  • Find a hairstyle that suits you most you can ask for advice from your friends or hair dresser.
  • Clean and wash your hair oftenly and maintain a hair care routine.
  • Use products like serums or creams to style them.But it shouldn't damage them
  • Comb your hair regularly.
  • If you're balding, its recommended to cut them short


3. Beard grooming


Beard is considered as a man's pride.So decent time and money should be invested in your pride. Beard shows off your attitude as it's on your face and a well maintained beard shows your class and manliness.


  • Have the essential tools in maintaining them like trimmer, beard comb, facial hair scissors
  • Trim off messy facial hair to look more classy
  • You beard oil or wax to style them
  • Clean and dry your beard regularly to nourish them 
  • Keeping them moisturized but not greasy 

4. Wardrobe maintaining


Clothes often show off your personality. There is a common saying that “Clothes make the man”. It doesn't mean one should wear expensive branded clothes but should be appealing to your looks. Per se it means to wear something attractive, not expensive.


  • Dress well according to the occasion
  • Shop for clothes with a good friend for suggestions
  • Tailor your clothes accordingly, loose baggy clothes are less attractive
  • Follow colour combinations while dressing
  • Figure out which all colours suits you well


5. Be a Gentleman 

Be respectful of other people. Don't tear down other people's beliefs, and don't be unnecessarily rude to them. If someone tries to start a confrontation with you, walk away calmly, this illustrates that you won't sink to the other person's level.

Don't swear or make crude comments in public. It's fine to let your hair down a little bit around your guy friends or your family, but avoid talking this way around people you don't know well.