Are you fed up with the dark spots and pigmentation on your face? Is it affecting your beautiful look? If yes, then you may have experimented with numerous creams on your face. These creams can't help much. Since pigmentation and dark spots are caused due to various factors, we need to give treatment that will conflict with the factor that caused dark spots to your skin. Each of us has unique skin. Nobody has the same skin type. So we need to apply creams or treatments which suit your face. If we didn't consider this fact, then it may cause harmful effects to your skin. Some of us may have experienced sensitive skin which causes a bad reaction to our skin. There comes the importance of natural remedies. It doesn't have any side effects as it is purely natural. Before going to natural remedies, let us look upon the causes of pigmentation.




  • Sun damage is the major cause of skin pigmentation. If we are not using sunscreen, then ultraviolet rays could easily fall upon our skin
  • Some medications also lead to dark spots and skin pigmentation.
  • Excessive production of melanin also results in pigmentation and dark spots. Melanin is the factor that controls your skin color
  • Acne spots may also convert to dark spots. An excessive amount of acne in an area also causes pigmentation on your face.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy also cause skin pigmentation
  • Severe diabetics also cause some areas of skin to be darker.
  • Irritation caused through cosmetic treatments also cause some areas of skin to be darker




There are numerous ways to remove the dark spots and pigmentation from your face. Laser treatments have developed very much that it gives you instant results by removing the dark spots on your face within seconds. But some may have sensitive skin that may not be suitable for any laser or cosmetic treatments. For them, natural remedies are most effective. People who don't have time to pay a regular visit to a parlor can also use these natural remedies.






Aloe Vera gel is famous for reducing the color of scars. You can use aloe vera gel available in shops or can use fresh aloe vera gel obtained from the plant. Apply it to the area of pigmentation and dark spots. Leave it for a night and wash it in the morning. Repeated use of the gel could reduce the dark pigmentation from your face.




Onion is known to be rich in vitamin C. It reduces your dark spots and pigmentation. Cut a slice of onion and rub it on the area where pigmentation occurs. Allow the pulp to rest on your skin for ten minutes. Wash it with warm water. Use this daily until your dark spots face. It also increases blood circulation and removes dead skin from your face.




Apple cider vinegar is very much effective in removing dark spots as it has acetic acid in it. Apply apple cider vinegar mixed with honey on your face and allow it to rest on your face for fifteen minutes. After that, wash the mixture with cold water. The chemical properties of acetic acid results in removing the dark spots and pigmentation from your face




Potato is widely used for pigmentation reduction. It is proved that repeated use of a slice of potato over a dark spot repeatedly may cause the dark spot to fade. Lemon has its own bleaching properties. Then a mixture of lemon and potato will be awesome for your face. Grind a medium-sized potato to make it a fine paste and mix the paste with lemon juice from half of a lemon. Apply this mixture to your pigmented area for fifteen minutes and wash it off.




Papaya is known to be a rich source of Vitamin A. The paste of papaya with honey will be a good exfoliator for your face. Mix the pulp of papaya with honey and apply it to your face. Allow this mixture to stay on your face for half an hour. This mixture will give you an instant glow as well as remove dead skin from your face. It is also good for correcting uneven skin tone. 




Green tea is known to have the power to reduce your skin tone. Add green tea leaves to boiling water and wait till it mixes with the water. When it becomes cool, add this liquid to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your skin. This mixture is very effective in lightening skin tone and pigmentation.




Tomato has one of the best bleaching effects among citrus fruits. It lightens your skin and removes dark spots and pigmentation. Apply tomato pulp or rub tomato to the affected area. This will help you to make your skin an even tone without any pigmentation gradually.

These natural remedies have proved to be very much effective in removing pigmentation from your skin. But these remedies may not give you an instant result. It will take some time. Repeated use of these remedies will result in fair skin gradually.