Summer is the time when we shift from hot tea to cold juices. We long for cold things at this time. Our skin too long for special care. The scorching sun gives us dry skin in summer. So we need to give special love to our skin during summer. We need to pamper our skin and give all beauty and body care inorder to overcome the summer sun. The fire glaze of the sun curses us with skin tanning and pigmentation. Here we are discussing about the beauty tips to give some nice care to our summer skin





Make water your best friend during this season. Drinking more water will help you to stay hydrated and cool on sunny days. Drink a minimum of two litres of water per day to prevent getting dry skin in summer. Water helps your skin to look fresh. It also prevents you from summer season diseases. Water is known to be the secret of natural beauty and freshness from early times. Water intake should be made as a routine habit as it helps you to improve your immunity power also.



We often carry an umbrella during the rainy season to prevent our body from getting drenched. We too use umbrellas to escape from the eyes of the scorching sun. But we can’t hide ourselves from the Ultra violet rays. For that, a sunscreen will help you. Apply sunscreen before going out. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF. It will be a great sign of love to your skin.



Consume more fruits and vegetables this summer. Fruit juices will also help you to stay hydrated as well as healthy. But avoid sugary beverages and soda from your diet. You can also include salads as part of your summer diet. Fruits and vegetables are known to have anti-aging properties. So it should be used as an alternative for fast foods.



Sweat may be the crucial problem which haunts your skin. Tight, dark and hard fabrics will only help to increase the uncomfortability of the sweat. So make breathable cotton light fabrics as your summer costume. It will help your skin to breathe and also prevent sweat.




Natural remedies are best selected by everyone than cosmetics as it doesn’t have any chemicals in it. Natural remedies are also readily available in our homes. Since it doesn't have any side effects, it is suitable for people having all skin types and all age limits



Cucumber not only makes a delicious element for salad but also helps to keep your skin glowing. Cucumber juice can be mixed with besan or gram flour to make a fine paste. Apply this paste to your face and other exposed areas. Wait for 20- 30 minutes and wash off it. This will help you to get a glowing skin by removing the sun tans



Lemon juice and almond paste will be a great mask for your summer skin. Mix lemon juice with almond paste and apply to your face and other tanned areas. Wash it off after thirty minutes.Lemon is known to have great tan removing properties. It will also remove the dark spots from your skin. Almond and lemon will refresh your skin and give you a glowing effect. 



Orange peel has many anti tan properties. Dry the orange peel under the sun and powder it. Mix this powder with almond to make a fine paste. Apply this paste to your face and wait it till it becomes dry. After that, wash it off. This orange peel will give you a brightened look.


These tips and masks will give a cooling effect to your skin. But Natural remedies are not that much effective in finding your natural beauty. It will take time. For instant summer skin care and tan removal we should attend a beauty parlor. There are various packs for rejuvenating your skin as well as removing tans instantly. Try these summer refresh packs along with natural remedies. In these ways you could easily show your love and care to your skin.