We are living in a busy world. We all are busy with our office work as well as household work. We work hard to make money but why are we not concerned about our bodies? During childhood and adolescent days, we spent most of the time on our health and skincare. But what happened to us, when we became older. Self care is very important in order to stay healthy and beautiful. If we spare a short span of time every day, then it will be a great favor for our body. Here we are going to discuss some self care hacks.



It is a very necessary thing that we should spare or find some time for the things which make us happy. It will help you to boost your energy. Maybe it is gardening, artistic work, cooking or any others, but every day at least once a week try to find some time for the things which make you extremely happy. These activities seem silly but these activities will make us happy and happiness is the main factor for both mental as well as physical health.



Proper sleep has to do much with our health. Studies have proved that eight hours of sleep is essential for a man. But in our busy lives, we may fail to find time for a long sleep. The use of cell phones and laptops has decreased our sleep time. If you are not able to sleep for a continuous long time then split your sleep time in between. Sleep could give you mental and physical relaxation.



We all know the importance of exercise for our health. It is an unavoidable thing in our life. But for our comfort, we are deliberately avoiding it. Long hours in front of office tables and laptops may cause back pain and many other problems. If you have no time for exercise then try to do some simple exercises in between your work. It will do great help for your mental and physical health. Yoga and meditation can also be added to the exercise



Family and our friends give us a feeling of community. They will save us from the loneliness of hectic work. If we spare some time each day with our family and friends, they will help us to get relaxed and happy. Sharing the stress from your workplace with your friends also reduces your dislike with your workplace.



We are living in a polluted environment, so our skin needs utmost care. Visiting beauty parlor every day is not possible in our daily busy life. So try to do some skincare routine at your home itself., find a scheduled time for your skin. But always take care to pay a visit to beauty parlors at least twice a week. It will help to maintain your beauty.



In a busy life, we stick  to fast foods very often for our convenience. It is a very common thing. But always take care of your health. For that, you should supplement your body with healthy foods. Try to eat homely food often. Maximum avoid fast foods. Try to increase nutritious food in your diet.




Breaks should be included very often to recharge you. Long hours of work may make you super tired. So don't try to take a break after long hours. Take frequent breaks in between hectic works.