Here are some of the most amazing tips and tricks for your skin to get that glow that you have always desired. Pasture through our beauty mantra and fight off those skincare issues. Follow our tips, from beauty experts, to get that glossy and shiny skin. Excited, stressed, or sad, it’s your face that gives you away at all times. 

You have a party tomorrow? Oh no a zit! You have worked overnight and have dark circles and puffy eyes in the morning? You keep trying new face wash and beauty products every now and then, but hardly seem to find any solution to get that glowing skin. Well it’s not an overnight miracle, it requires a lot of patience and following some of these religiously. We all know about the basic CTM technique, cleanser-toner-moisturizer. The flawless and blemish free skin, you have always dreamed of is no longer a dream, but a reality. Here are some of the brilliant beauty tricks for your skin, we’ve gathered from our beauticians and experts for keeping your blemishes and enhancing your natural glow. The tips mentioned are very basic, and doesn’t require a lot of your time. 



Always make sure to remove your makeup before hitting the bed for a peaceful sleep and happy skin. Your skin needs to breathe overnight, and that exhausting layer of makeup, makes it difficult for your skin to breathe freely. The makeup will end up clogging and blocking the pores that will eventually lead to blackheads and whiteheads. If you don’t have a makeup remover, you can simply use olive or coconut oil. Just put some oil on your cotton pad, and gently massage onto your face to remove that layer of makeup and dirt. 

Exfoliation is another very important method that you should put in your short routine. You should exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week. This will remove that dead skin cells on your face, giving you a more glowing and healthy skin. There are plenty of products from brands like, VLCC, Nykaa, etc, if not you can also make a paste of curd and walnut to exfoliate your skin. 



Research shows that people who sunscreen every day, even at home, had much healthier and brighter skin. Sunscreen with SPF of a minimum 15, which helps in blocking both UVA and UVB rays of sun, are the best. These rays when exposed to bare skin can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin issues, which makes it absolute necessary for you to apply sunscreen. Before buying a sunscreen read the label, and make sure it reads, “Non-comedogenic”, this will not block pores of your skin. Always out sunscreen even if it’s cloudy or not sunny. 



It’s very true, that your skin and body reflects your lifestyle and diet. Make sure to include a lot of zinc in your diet, as it can help in boosting the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid, and collagen. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and enough fiber, protein and vitamin will keep your skin supple and glowing. A wholesome diet rich in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar, helps to get a healthier skin. Also make sure to drink lots of eater. Water is secret to hydrated and glowing skin.

Try avoiding spicy food, extra salt and fried food. Instead make healthier food choice such as lentils, sprouts, oatmeal, dry fruits and rice. 



Working out for at least 4 times a week, helps you stay in shape, but do you know there are other benefits of workout other than being thin. A good workout which leads to a lot of sweat will help to unclog those pores and give your body the boost of serotonin, which gives a natural and healthy glow. Working out also helps in accelerating that blood circulation in your body, and ease in the cleansing process of toxins. 


Never skip your skincare before a workout, especially sunscreen if you go for a morning jog. Always remember to exfoliate you skin and wash it properly to remove the dirt from face. 


If you are running late, and want that instant glow, you can try using one of the shimmery lotions available in market. L’Oreal has introduced a new section of skincare and makeup hybrid products called “glotion”. It mixes the hydrating effects of a lotion and the glowing benefits of a highlighter into one product. 

These recipes contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which seeps into the skin in seconds to make it look more glowing, shiny and plump. 



There is a reason why your skin looks so good and glows as soon as you wake in the morning after that restful night’s sleep. The skin reinstates and regenerates itself when you sleep, and an irregular sleep cycle can a toll on your skin. On such days, the most quick trick to reduce that puffiness and add that sudden glow, is to quickly massage your face with some ice cubes. The blood circulation that it will lead to a very bright and rosy glow. 




It’s crucial to know when your skin and body is calling for help. You should always look out for signs and symptoms where a dermatologist will be essential to for your rescue. Sun damage, dark spots and hyperpigmentation are such cases where home remedies or using products without proper guidance might be the wrong decision. 

Now that you know, some of the most basic and essential tips and tricks, hop in and get yourself that glow and shine, you have always desired to get. Follow these steps religiously, and you will have your dream skin.