Products used


» If someone suffers from oily skin, should they expect any breakout after the facial?

No, the products generally used by spas and facial facilities do not irritate the skin and do not inflict any breakout on the skin surface. as a matter of fact, a facial is actually recommended to increase the speed of the healing process and eliminate the distress of acne lacerations.

» Is de-tan good for the face?

After frequent exposure to uv rays from the sun and pollution, the tanned skin and accumulated cells will automatically call for removal to even out your skin tone. a de-tan facial will let the skin pores breathe and restore its nourishment making look toned, fresh, and young

» How does tanning happen?

The solar spectrum consists of several wavelengths of which ultraviolet radiation is important to cause skin effects. uv radiation has three wavelengths uva, uvb, and uvc. uvb rays burn the skin while uva rays darken the skin and cause photoaging. when uva rays penetrate the layers of the skin, they stimulate the melanocytes to produce excess melanin, which further darkens due to oxidation and causes tanning. they also cause damage to collagen.