❤ Oil application

5 Mins

❤ Head Massage

10 Mins

❤ Basic Shoulder Massage

5 Mins

Products used


» How often should i go for a massage?

Once every after 15 days (twice in a month) is good for a general wellness aim.

» Does the service cover pressure points?

Yes, all our therapists are professionally trained in techniques to relieve muscle tension, pain to ensure a relaxing experience.

» Do i need to provide anything?

No, our therapists carry massage beds & essential oils

» Whats are knots? how can i relieve myself of them?

Knots are composed of tensed muscle fibres. it is caused by many things like pain in muscle tissue, overuse,strains and even trauma. when a muscle is overworked or injured, it can tighten up into a knot to protect the area from further cannot get rid of it completely but yes,regular massage incorporating trigger point bodywork helps to loosen up your muscle knots and this helps to relieve pain and stiffnes