❤ Firm pressure massage

Focuses on pressure points that relieves muscle tension & reinforcing your oxygen level in the blood

❤ Chronic pain relief

Relieved muscle tension, lower back pain and postural problems

❤ Heals muscles stiffness

Popular among athletes as it helps in healing sports injuries & post-surgery rehabilitation

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» How often should i go for a massage?

Once every after 15 days (twice in a month) is good for a general wellness aim.

» Does the service cover pressure points?

Yes, all our therapists are professionally trained in techniques to relieve muscle tension, pain to ensure a relaxing experience.

» Do i need to provide anything?

Yes, our partners will bring the bed sheet and oil. and bed will use from the customer side.

» Should i eat before i come for a massage?

It is best to not eat for at least 90 minutes before your massage treatment and only a light meal at that time.


» Take shoulder massage weekly once its starts blood circulation