❤ VLCC anti-tan facial

Cleansing,Detan,Scrubing,Extraction,Cream Massage,Pack ,Moist threading

❤ Threading - eyebrow, upper lip

Cleansing Eyebrow, Apply Powder, Thread Unwanted Hair, Apply Aloe vera

❤ Dabur Fem full arms bleach

Cleansing, pre bleach lotion, bleach, post bleach lotion

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» What is the advantage of this pack?

This single pack gives you alround protection. it removes unwanted hairs and pigmentation from your also gives a facial which makes you more attractive.

» As the name implies is it preferable only for the summer season?

No, it is suitable for all seasons.

» Is this pack suitable for all skin types?

Yes, since we are using high-quality products, it is suitable for all skin types.


» Taking this pack once a month is preferred

» Avoid going outside soon after taking this pack